What makes Virgo different from other cosmeceutical brands?
Brand Characteristics

VIRGO | New York | US

Ordinary cosmeceuticals can only solve the safety problem, but not the skin problems. Virgo not only can solve the safety problem, but also can solve the problems of sensitive skins, blood streaks, face slack, wrinkles, acne marks, double chin, etc. In addition, it can prevent from the pain of surgery.

Ordinary cosmeceuticals can be effective in a short time, but they have side-effects and contain chemical ingredients. However, a scientific treatment is needed when using Virgo products; there is absolutely no side-effect; Virgo products contain safe and all-natural pharmaceutical ingredients.

Virgo products have simple formula. There are no pigment, fragrance, preservatives or any surfactants. The biological activity are relatively high. The effective and targeted features are significant. Virgo uses simple packaging similar to medicines. The main color of all products is white. Virgo has chosen environmentally-friendly materials, including tin-tubes and flasks that won’t produce chemical reactions. They are canned in a sterile environment. Virgo products have been placed in a rhythmical environment and strictly sterilized, in order to achieve absolute purity and safety.

VIRGO | New York | US

Technology advantage
Virgo has initiated the concept of aseptic technique in the globe. Beauticians in Virgo faithfully follow the instructions of cleansing and disinfection in the operational process and insist on wearing medical gloves when touching clients’ skin. In this way, it can prevent from cross-infection and damaging the activity of products; it can also ensure that Virgo products get 100% absorbed by clients’ skin.

Invincible Nobel Core technology
Based on the nanocrystallization of active ingredients, nano hydroxysome transdermal delivery technology uses calcium phosphate hydroxysomes as carriers to release and absorb nutrient components that different skin layers need at fixed points, according to different pH Values in these layers, in order to solve all kinds of skin problems in a targeted way.