SPA Fundamental Treatment
  • VIRGO | New York | US

    De-Toxifying Cleanser

    VIRGO | New York | US 150g

    This is the first step of Virgobeauty triple purification. Luxury foaming cleanser takes rich foam to instantly open the skin absorption access...

  • VIRGO | New York | US

    Triple-Action Revitalizing Toner

    VIRGO | New York | US 150ml

    This is the second step of Virgobeauty triple purification. Infuse treshalose, green tea and other natural ingredients into the skin for anti-inflammatory and sterilization...

  • VIRGO | New York | US

    Green Tea Sugar Polish Resurfacing Treatment

    VIRGO | New York | US 134.7g

    This is the third step of Virgobeauty triple purification. Natural moisture of the brown sugar particles clean pores gently, effectively and deeply...

  • VIRGO | New York | US

    Therapeutic Massage Cream

    VIRGO | New York | US 163g

    This gentle massage cream converges three effects including makeup-removal, exfoliation and massage detoxification. Three in one, giving the skin best care...

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