Virgo Bio-Chem Tech Corp. logo consists of two parts – characters and pattern.

VIRGO : Virgo is one of the twelve horoscope signs. It denotes a personality seeking perfection. The characters “Virgo” in the logo shows that Virgo Corp. is always in the pursuit of perfect quality.

CRANE:The crane in the pattern represents purity and white. It means that Virgo products are environmentally-friendly and addictive-free. In China, crane represents auspiciousness and longevity. It means that Virgo products have the anti-aging effects.

CRANE IS ABOVE VIRGO:It represents that Virgo Corp. has the determination to be outstanding in cosmetics field, like a crane standing among chickens.

COMBINATION OF VIRGO AND CRANE :The crane representing Eastern culture and the Virgo horoscope sign representing Western culture symbolize that Virgo Corp. is an enterprise which combines the Eastern and Western cultures.

ENTERPRISE TENET: to grow with Virgo and build a century brand.

ENTERPRISE PURPOSE: to be the leader of global top-notch cosmeceuticals.

OPERATION PHILOSOPHY: to build a healthy and beautiful life, and realize win-win cooperation

ENTERPRISE SPRIT: to be positive and creative; to be honest and trustworthy