The headquarter of Virgo is in the city of New York, US. Under the leadership of Kevin Miao, Virgo Group has gradually evolved into a diversified multinational organization. Its industrial chain stretches over high-end cosmetics, ecological farm, five-star hotels, electronic commerce, and many other fields.

Production Base

The production base and laboratory, regarded as the foundation of Virgo, were established in 1967. Virgo’s production base is situated at Edison Biological Science and Technology Park in New Jersey, US. Since its birthday, this base has provided consulting, technical and processing services to multiple international top-notch luxury brands of cosmetics and perfume.

More than ten biological pharmacy and cosmetics research PhDs, including two academicians from United States National Academy of Sciences, have built an advanced researching and developing team, which sets a high standing for Virgo since the beginning of its establishment.

In 2004, Virgo has made another giant leap in technology! Nobel laureate in chemistry Avram Hershko has applied his core patent technology in Virgo products. It was the first time in history that a very baffling problem in cosmetics field -- the skin absorption problem, was solved. In the meanwhile, it brings Virgo many world-class honors. Now Virgo’s cosmeceuticals have been successfully shipping and selling to 13 countries and regions.

Ecological Farm

The standard ecological farm located at East of Canada is the principal implanting and cultivating base for raw materials of Virgo products. After the meticulous nurturing of Virgo’s botanists, laurels, rosemary, tea bushes, lavenders, parsleys, alfalfas, mints, olives, and hundreds of valuable and rare herbals and plants have grown a wild profusion and have been aromatic throughout all seasons. All of these good-quality plant raw materials have adopted Virgo’s original all-natural fine cultivation, which guarantees pureness and safety of the sources and ensures biological activity and special effect of the active ingredients.

Five-star Furniture

Since 1999, based on the unique artistry of combination of China and the West, along with the high-taste style, Virgo’s five-star hotel-use furniture have been spread rapidly to the North America and the Europe. Especially in the US, five-star hotels that cooperate with Virgo are all over the country. Thousands of “Virgo people” from the globe can enjoy the VIP service from five-star hotels for free when they travel around America.