Multi-Active Rebuilding Essence for Eyes

This set contains six individual products, including three Multi-Active Daytime Rebuilding Essence for Eyes and three Multi-Active Nighttime Rebuilding Essence for Eyes. PLA active peptide extracted from vegetable protein worth 3.25 million US dollars every kilograms. It is the competitive inhibitor of collagenase. It can prevent collagenase from degrading the collagen; thus slow down the loss of collagen, accelerate the generation and accumulation of new collagenous fiber, and bring health and youth to your skin. PLA active peptides and nano hydroxysome transdermal delivery technology are combined perfectly in these two products, which make active ingredients quickly permeate into the dermis, and highly maintain the collagen in the dermis.

They can effectively repair damaged cells around eyes and accelerate the generation of collagens.

They can significantly improve the slack and wrinkled skin around eyes.

They can significantly improve edema, eye bags, and dark circles.

They can effectively relieve eye muscle fatigue, and make your eyes sparkle.

VIRGO | New York | US
VIRGO | New York | US